Dos boot images

In my work I am dealing with lots of machines which are not running Microsoft OS-es. However sometimes (for example to flash bios) I need to boot DOS, which really drives me mad, because I use linux on my laptop and all the dos images available for download are basically .exe programs which are trying to automatically create you an FDD disk. For example on this site: there are lots of boot images, but unfortunately all of them are "smart" .exe programs.

As you can imagine this is completely unsuitable in my case for 2 reasons:

1. I dont run windows.
2. I dont have a FDD drive.

This basically renders this images pretty useless.
So my basic goal was to find a plain .img file, which can be copied directly on floppy with 'dd' or, the better choice, to be booted directly from GRUB.

After some google searching I found a site which have lots of Dos bootable disks in .img files.

You can download such images from this site:

If you want to know, how to boot DOS from whitin GRUB, take a look at this article:

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