Western Digital WD RE4 2TB HDD troubles: UPDATE1

Here is a little update of my article about WD RE4 2TB HDD

Here is the previous post:

After 4 days of testing with "smart" parking turned off, using wdidle3.exe, it looks like the problem is gone so far.
However I am still pissed off to the manufacturer of controller and backplane (Supermicro for both). It is not acceptable some stupid failure of a lousy HDD to drag the other arrays down. You can not imagine the headache you will get when you loose 14T of data if it is important. And all this because of the stupid and not suitable for servers "smart" head parking from Western Digital

P.S. You know, when I was trying to find if anyone have at least something similar to my problems with these drives, when I type WD RE4 problems in google, I was getting some result for "Resident Evil 4". Quite suitable dont you think :) ? The new drives from Western Digital 2TB, Green Power, Resident Evil 4 (RE4).

More to come, when I get the HDDs and plug them in to my chassis.

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